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Myths about hallux: explanation and how our hallux insole can help

The hallux, especially the hallux valgus, is known to many people. But there are numerous myths and errors surrounding this misalignment. In this article we would like to clarify some of the most common misunderstandings and at the same time show how our hallux insole can help alleviate the symptoms.

1. Myth: "Only women get hallux valgus.

Reality: Although women are more often affected by this deformity - often due to wearing high-heeled shoes - men can also develop hallux valgus. The reason may be genetics, injuries or other factors.

2. Myth: "Hallux misalignments are just a cosmetic problem."

Reality: A hallux deformity can cause significant pain and restricted movement and not only affects the appearance of the foot. Our insole provides targeted support to improve the function of the foot.

3. Myth: "Surgical corrections are the only solution for hallux problems."

Reality: There are many conservative treatments that can be used successfully before considering surgery. By using our hallux insole, the symptoms can be reduced and an operation can possibly be delayed or even avoided.

4. Myth: "A hallux deformity is the result of incorrect footwear."

Reality: Although inappropriate footwear can be a factor, genetics, weak connective tissue and other factors also play a role in the development of a hallux deformity. Regardless of the cause, our hallux insole provides effective support and can be worn in combination with the existing shoe sole to optimally support the foot.

In summary: There are many myths about hallux. Comprehensive information and the right support, such as that offered by our hallux insole, are crucial to helping those affected.


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