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Foot health for children: Why a good start is crucial

Foot health is an essential topic that should be considered from a young age. Our feet are the foundation of our body and problems that begin in childhood can worsen in adulthood. Children's feet are flexible and malleable, which makes them susceptible to misalignment, but also means that preventative measures can be particularly effective.

Growing feet need space: Children's feet grow quickly and it is crucial to check their shoe size regularly. A shoe that is too small can not only cause immediate discomfort, but can also affect the natural development of the foot.

Running barefoot: Running barefoot strengthens the foot muscles and promotes proprioceptive perception. Especially in summer there is an opportunity to let children run barefoot on various surfaces.

Pay attention to foot shape: Some children show early signs of foot problems or misalignments. It is advisable to regularly observe the shape of the child's feet and gait.

Insoles for support: In some cases, insoles can be a helpful addition to support the foot in its natural position. However, they should be used carefully and in consultation with a specialist or orthopedist. Some modern insoles, such as our Hallux insole, are designed to not only help with misalignments, but also have a preventive effect by gently supporting the foot.

Promote sporting activities: Regular sporting activity not only strengthens the entire body, but also the foot muscles. At the same time, sporting activities can help detect foot problems early when children complain of pain or discomfort.

Annual check-ups: An annual check-up with an orthopedist or specialist physiotherapist can be helpful to ensure that your child's feet are developing healthily.

In conclusion, children's foot health is an investment in their future. A healthy foot in childhood lays the foundation for a pain-free and active lifestyle in adulthood. Preventative measures, such as wearing appropriate shoes and possibly supportive insoles, can make a big difference.


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